Let go and move on episode 3

Despite Bonny’s effort to be calm ,he couldn’t start the conversation.” I think i should be on my way bye” Hellen said and started going. “No please i have something to tell you” Bonny began,” Hellen i honestly love you!” he finally said ” Me! You love me? Hehehe what do you mean that you love me,? you have just talked to me in a few minutes and here you are telling me you love me?” Hellen said ” I  think you should’ve said you have admired me! anyway am not after any love for now. Am healing from a heart break and i don’t want any man in my life. Am comfortable the way i am” she said . “But Hellen you can’t be the same, you can allow yourself to love again! i honestly feel that you are the right woman for me,i don’t want to know what people have to say but i need you to give me your heart please” Bonny said ” Do you want me to fall into your lies? eeh ,all men are the same!!! “Anyway am not going to buy any lies again, bye and find someone else to love ” she said . As she joined Lissa then they go,James appeared accompanied with a Lady. They were holding hands.”Hey i can see you have found a new boyfriend congratulations.” He said blocking her way .He seemed that he had been drinking. “I want to pass please and if you move a side i will on my way” Hellen said. Lissa had joined them . ” I move!!e James move for a whore to pass hahahaha” he said laughing. ” Hey you let her pass” Bonny said. ” What if i don’t? ” James asked ” What will you do?” “Kiss me or give me your mom and sister?” Bonny rushed and grapped him by his shirt collar but Jeff was quick to prevent the shoving. Hellen and Lissa got a chance of walking away and Jeff led Bonny go home while cursing. ” What’s wrong with you Bonny? how can you fight over a girl? There are many girls out there my friend” Jeff said. “Shut up Jeff Hellen is not other girls, she’s special ” he said to him.Meanwhile Hellen went home a disappointed person. ” Why can’t he leave me alone? He has a girl and i don’t care! She said. “I have an idea”. She took a paper and a pen and started writing a letter on it,

Hey James;
I know you want nothing to do with me.  I know you have moved on, and will continue to lead your life the way you have before – to meet the expectations of those that depend on you and to meet your own.  I suspect that whatever love,
affection, and friendship that you once adorned for me now consists of hate, spite, and anomisity
– undestandably so, since without closure these provide the best and fastest way for you to move on.  And initially, it worked for me too.
I gave my heart to you completely
Without holding back or being afraid This was my own personal gift to you My heart was yours to take In the months that passed you nurtured it and
held it close In one day you shattered it You ripped my heart from yours and trampled on it.All i need from you noe is to depart from my life completely and let me go on with my life. Hope with this you would realise i have completely gotten over you bye.She put the letter in here jacket pocket and went out leaving………………………….. Episode 4 (coming soon)


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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