First Move Episode 1

She sat silently in the bus, in front of her sat the boy she had been admiring for a long time! How will she keep silent and not tell him how she felt! “Am not going to sit here and keep silent” she said , mmmm she made her voice ” So When you reach Nairobi where will you go?” she asked him “I will see my brother in Karen ,stay there for a few days then go for my holiday in Mombasa” Steve replied,” What about ” he asked ” I don’t have much this holiday, just around” she said ! Inside her mind she was thinking how she will talk him to what she intended, she summoned her courage and said ” Maybe i will join you in Mombasa if you don’t mind” “Sure we can look into it” he replied , Yes!she will have a chance to tell him how she felt . she thought….Now as she lived in Livingston she would perfect her planning well over the days that she heard he was to be at his brother’s home, After all her father is a well known politician which was an added advantage of loitering the neighborhood! ” How are we going to communicate Steve? You know i kinda lost your number, may i have yours please? she said handing him her cell phone, the screen saver was of her best photo! Steve smiled and said ‘you look lovely’ “am i thanks ” she replied Now she knew what exactly to do,she will dress to impress him! He dialled his number and called using her phone ” hello who is this ? Cathy! oh i remember you!” he made a mock call pretending she was the one calling, they broke into a loud laughter and everyone at the bus stared at them… they continued on their way talking of their trip to seminar they had attended and about their political father’s .He suddenly asked…………..Episode 2


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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