First move episode 2

“Do you know Bonface ? he asked her ” whose that?” she asked back ” come on ,are you not in Facebook? don’t you know this guy who writes awesome episodes in Facebook?” he asked ” Oh you mean D’blitz?” who doesn’t know him, that guy is a natural writer, he writes facts and lovely stories” she replied They talked much about there social lives and soon the bus was at the city, Being a Friday there were more cars than people and they had to stay for a half an hour in traffic before they reached the bus station where their families waited for them! “Bye Steve i will Holla you later” she shouted as their family car pulled out! “Ok i will be waiting” he replied as he closed the car door! “What’s holla” her dad asked ” Forget about it dad, its a youth talk,its our language”she replied smiling ” You young kids have spoiled our beautiful language, nowadays you can talk something that we cant even understand” her mom snapped in as all fell in laughter! She tuned in the radio and the music from the local station hit her and she started singing along amidst her parents protest in the back seat it was a song by Randy Rogers “I will steal you away from him” I could see you standing with him
He ain’t holdin’ your hand like he should He ain’t listenin’ to a word you say
He doesn’t look at you the way I would I should steal you away I’ve been wondering
How you’re looking at me Thinking how it might be If you were mine Girl, it drives me crazy
He don’t know what he’s got I’ve been fightin’ so hard Not to cross the line I should steal you away
I should steal you away In the middle of the night Come take your heart I should steal you away
I could see us Walking out that door Not looking back As we roll down the road……….Episode 3


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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