First move episode 3

Steve reached home to the delight of his brother ” Hey buddy how was your seminar, am here i go with you to my place” his brother Mike said ‘ It was awesome, we learned alot where is momma?” he asked “You can’t even sit down ?,the first this you ask is your mom? his father who had just come from the bedroom asked ! “Tell us about your seminar momma child” he joked ” Hey leave my baby alone ! how are you baby i missed you ?” her mother who had come from the kitchen hugged him ! “You must be hungry son ? sit down i bring you something to eat”, she said as she went back to the kitchen! ” I thought you were to suckle your babe first ?” his dad mocked and fell into laughter with his brother! Steve went to his room dropped his bag in bed and threw himself to bed, it has been two weeks away from home ,he felt better home now ” Ngrrrrr ngrrrrr! his phone rang when he looked at who was calling, it was Cathy “Hello, you cant even call to say you arrived safely?” she asked ” Oh ,i have just arrived now and i was to call you but you called! ” he replied, “When are going to your brothers home” She asked, ” “Oh he’s here” he has already come to pick me”….so i gonna go today He said hanging the phone.The days moved by and it was a day for their planned holiday to Mombasa! Everything had gone well according to their plans, they were to go together this time using a plane! Steve had booked the hotel rooms and everything was in place “Hey you fear Heights?’ Steve asked her ” Not real and you?” she asked back , “Yeah like hell!,I fear heights so much” he said and laughed easing himself…..”You know when i was a young boy’, he began ” We were playing back at the village with other boys, there was this tall tree at my grandfather’s field that we used to climb and swing on it’s branches,. We didn’t realize the danger on it. One day we as usual went to swing but this time we were not lucky, they branches failed to bear our weight and we came down still clinging on the broken branches! Many boys hurt themselves badly and were rushed to hospital.One boy was hurt badly and became unconscious, a stick had pierced through his stomach and needed operation, Do you know who was that? Its me ! See this mark? its where i hurt ” he said showing her the scar and she reached with her hand to touch it ! “Excuse me young man and Lady” the air hostess said “No sex  on the plane………….Episode 4


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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