Let go and move on episode 4

“Hello James, i want to talk to you,” She said when she met James and his new girlfriend seated at the entrance of his house. ” Hey come on Hellen i know you have come to beg for a second chance'” He said
” I came to tell you it’s over, James” she said, ” I have not come here to beg you for your love and i can’t do such  thing! I gave you my whole heart, i took you and accommodated you in my heart look now, My heart is in a billion pieces ,my mind in chaos.Depression slowly enfolds … In the end you broke it into pieces.. After all the times you made me cry..
Your love was fake.I gave you love you gave me lust. I kept loving you everyday but you,you lusted for me day and night! You told me you loved me, I believed you. I loved
you, I loved you so much.It hurts that you lied to my heart! That doesn’t matter anymore.I have just forgotten that you were ever in my life completely. I want to eradicate you from my life. I want to rip your memory from my body; trade in the parts you claimed to love with such ardour. I want to erase every whispered sentiment, every passion
filled exclamation, every declaration of love.Because, as you claim,every such utterance was a lie. And oh, how you lied! Oh, how I believed. I
thought I could be free and safe. How wrong I was. Lulled into that false sense of security by a selfish, scared little boy who talked big but walked small.” She said all this as James sat giggling with her new girlfriend.” Is that all you got?” he asked. “Oh yes lover boy ,she began ,Please stay out of my way ,let me do what i wish and how i wish to do it.Also i remind you that i don’t need and support for the baby since i can work and feed her.From now on forget about me and forget about everything we have ever shared” She said and turned to go a way. James laughed out loud and said ” I know you with come begging for help but know i have a new babe here who loves me”  Hellen replied and said ” And so I walk away, taking my sore,embittered heart with me. I remove my light from your world for the simple reason that you never thought I would. And if you think your absence from my life will cause me to fall, to harm myself, or even to utter a cry of anguished sorrow, hear this: I have survived without you before. I will again.
Effortlessly.”………………….episode 5

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Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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