Let go and move on episode 6

Bonny was expecting to have charmed Hellen with his words, he had summoned all his energy to tell her what he felt about her.He has poured out all his love words to her.
What can make her deny me? After all i can see it in her eyes! Bonny thought to himself.” Well, she began by clearing her voice,” Well i real appreciate your sincere feelings towards me,Your words are sweet and charming. For once i felt warmth in my heart, it began beating in a different rhythm.But do you know what , One bad relationship can make you never want to fall in love again!” she said ” So you mean you are not giving me a chance?” Bonny began ,Hellen Don’t be afraid to fall in love again. Open your heart and follow where it leads you..”  “Look Bonny, I’m not afraid to fall in love, what i mean is ,I’m afraid to fall for the wrong person again!” She responded .” But am s good person please, i promise i will love you forever like my sunshine, Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow” Bonny said. “He he he all men are good when they are seducing you, they give out sweet words like you do! But what after that? Do they care after getting their selfish ambition? Am not asking you questions because you can’t answer!!.What i know of you men is you make people believe and see that smooth road a head,you hide the thorns away then all of a sudden you leave someone into pieces! Thousands of pieces scattered all over and you expect it us to heal? No never! Am happy you have brought the sweet memories that i had when James tricked me into his life!! But am sorry am not ready to love again. “Its okay Hellen” Bonny Began ,I know i cant forces you to love me but at the same time i can’t give up on you! I will look awkward if i just give up easily! I will try and try until i give you the meaning of living again”  “Okay good lucky” Hellen said and they made their way back home.Jeff was happy and joyful when he saw Bonny. They bide Lissa and Hellen goodbye and went on their way.”Wow, she said yes!” Jeff began ” Who said yes? Bonny asked ,Don’t tell me you have been hitting on Lissa…………………..Episode 7 


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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