Let go and move on episode 8

“Since the day Hellen and Bonny became intimate, they have been together every time by themselves romancing each other.Bonny is seated under a Mango tree at the park, Hellen lies on his lap playing with his shirt buttons, Lissa and Jeff with baby Nivah are Swinging on the swings. “I hope Bonny doesn’t disappoint her also” Lissa said to Jeff. “He’s a good guy,he has helped since we met at the streets.” Jeff began.”My dad was a businessman, and my mom was a nurse,this particular night they were coming from a funeral and my dad was driving.Robbers in Police Uniform stopped the car in which they were in.My dad thought it was the police and stopped .It turned out they were Criminals. They raped my mom in front of my dad.He pleaded with them but they killed him instead. After that they killed my mom too.I was 6 years old and i ended up in the streets until i met him one day.A group of young boys wanted to beat me up but he came and saved me.Until then we live as brothers” he finished speaking and wiped tears from his eyes. ” Am so sorry for that Jeff,i know how it feels to be lonely. I love you Jeff and i will be your companion” Lissa said looking at Jeff .”Sure” Jeff asked ” Yeah ,she said and hugged him. He hugged him back and they started swinging and playing with babe Nivah.Bonny looked at Hellen Kissed her and said ” I love you honey, You’re like the sun on a cloudy day, you always
peek through the crowd and make me smile” ” Thank you for loving me sweetheart, Hellen began, Finally I have found a place into which I fit
perfectly, safely and securely with no doubts, no fears, no sadness, and no tears. This place is filled with happiness and laughter, yet it is
spacious enough to allow me the freedom to move around, to live my life and to be myself.This wonderful place, which I never believed really
existed, I have found finally, in your arms, in your heart, in your love.
You moved me. Not literally-you obviously didn’t pick me up and place me in a different place then
I was before, thought emotionally and mentally..I am- but you touched my heart in ways that nobody ever has before. You truly taught me who
I am and what I’ve done wrong. I trust you. You trust me. And that’s all that matters. Because you’re someone that has touched my heart and made me believe in myself in ways that nobodyever has before. “I’m so lucky to have you. You are by far the best blessing God has ever given me and I’m so happy that he gave you to me to love. Even though I don’t deserve all that you are to me and all that you do for me, I want you to know that I am so very grateful for you. I’m so grateful for all the
wonderful memories we have shared: all the smiles, laughter and even the tears. Loving you has made my life come alive. Some people go
through life and never live it: I mean REALLY live it. But I thank God that He let me really live my life to the fullest by giving me you. You light up
my world and show me things I never dreamed I’d see. Thank you for all that you do for me and all that you have given me. ” She gave him an envelope…………….episode 9


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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