Foolish Lies Ladies believe!

You know its Very Foolish for some ladies when
they believe lies they are being told.When an
honest man comes to them and says i own
nothing a part from a piece of our family land !
But i with love you with my whole heart !Ladies
are like Yack!! Then comes this guy who
promises you everything from oceans,
mountains to National parks and game
reserves!! Then you jump up and down crying
oh my gosh!! i love you babe !! After a few days
after being used and kicked out you start saying
all men are Dogs!! Yes remember a dog mates
with another dog not a cat!!! They start crying
oh i was heartbroken!! I hate men ! When you
look at this other side that man you rejected is
happily married and blessed with kids and
you’re clicking 35 years still saying all men are
the same!!!! Wake up from that stupidity let love
take its way!! Remember when someone
promise you an ocean other countries are even
landlocked and can’t afford an ocean!!!!


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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