Let go and move on episode 9 (final)

“What is this for ?” Bonny asked as he received the envelope.”Its a divorce letter honey just open it” Hellen teased him. He hesitated opening it but He opened it.Inside was a letter addressed to Hellen. The words at the top were clearly written in bold.Kentucky Consular. He knew exactly what it was ,she had won herself a green card .He hugged her and congratulated her so much.For a moment they were in tears.”Excuse me please” someone said ,when they looked up it was James. Everybody was taken a back. Lissa and Jeff joined them ,Jeff had a piece of good as an insurance policy incase  James turns violent.” I have come to ….” he started before Hellen cut him off.”James i told you to leave me a lone and stay away from me ” She said .”Its okay babe calm down let him talk,maybe he has something to tell us” He said holding her .” As i was saying,i have come to realise that i did the most stupid thing that i came to regret..I dumped you Hellen and went with other ladies thinking that i have found happiness but it was like running away to more danger than expected. The lady you saw me with introduced me to drugs promising me every love and Romance that i wanted.I gave her my love ,my body and my soul. I forgot about you and the baby, I spent all my money making here happy. I didn’t know i was digging my own grave. I didn’t know i was shortening my life. She finally fled and left me.She left me empty handed after stealing Everything from me.She story my happiness, she story my baby kid,she stole my lovely wife,she stole my soul and left me empty. She ransacked my house and carried everything after drugging me.I ask for your forgiveness for the mistreatment i have shown you.I will wish you happiness and happy marriage to Bonny, he is a good man and i know he with take care of you and the baby.There are worse things outside there. Put trust to each other and stay long. If you forgive me am free to go and since i am empty handed i leave with you my blessings. Worse of all she left me to die because she gave me AIDS” he finished talking and went his way.A few days later he committed suicide. Bonny and Hellen got Married and later that year travelled to the States as a couple.Jeff took Lissa as a wife and lived a happy life together. …….End of episode hope you have learnt a lesson. leave your comments and complements..below


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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