Beyond the farthest hill,
Behind the the pastors mill,
In that beautiful grill,
Sat a beautiful girl  still,
Her story you can’t believe,

Silent night she can’t fall a sleep,
She knows she must strip,
For her brother gonna drip,

Crack !crack ! she hears him step,
But she can’t escape,
Nor can’t she scream,
As he comes with cream,

She watches in grieve,
And wishes for the grave,
As he makes it stiff,
Promising to be brief,
A thing she could believe,

Blood chills in  her veins,
As she cries in pains,
But all in vein,

He puts it in, in length,
And push it in strength,
In pleasure he moaned,
Don’t tell !! he warned,

Its another night with her brother,
Because of a different mother,
With him he doesn’t bother,
He will come tomorrow for another,

‘I’ wish i h’d a brother who w’l bother,
‘I’ wish i h’d a mother also father,
Another night rape by a monster  brother….



Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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