When we met she gave me high five,
She had come to my place up to five,
It was the eve of date twenty five,
She will be here before date five,

She let take her hand like a babe,
I feel it fine when she call me babe,
When time come i will give her ababe
Together as one we love our babe,

I miss her now as i do everyday,
I know she will come but not today,
And when she comes i take her to Homabay,
But i know what she likes she dreams of Bombay,
It doesn’t matter it’s her Holiday,
All will be well its not doomsday,

I miss her now i will miss her still,
Out of the window i look beyond the hill,
Then to the parking the car is there still,
I will take care of it nobody will steal,

Wait a minute its her calling,
Hello babe when are you coming?,
I ask her as i am smiling,
Five days is when her coming,

Looked at the wall the Calender was hanging,
One,two, three,four,five i kept on counting,
And now i know which day she is coming,
Five days she said before hanging…….. #bonny


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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