You continuously call me poor,
For failing to take you for a tour,
And also buying you a miniskirt,
As i promised from the start,

Now let me remind you my soulmate,
You remember when we first met?
Just there where the rivers met,
Remember hatred of  y’ur classmate?

Remember your stepmother sweetheart?
She had a punishment which she never forget,
Why do you easly have to forget?
What it was all about,

I rescued you from all you got,
Because of love that i got,
I did it without a second thought,
Now you call me names,
Poor and backwards are my everyday names,

Yes i can’t but you a miniskirt,
But i have bought every decent skirt,
You’re my wife not a slut,
That’s the answer that i have got,

You call me poor and you don’t work,
Rich people is all hard work,
Wife and and husband all work,
You complain there is no work,
I got you work in that park,
You stopped working because the dog loudly bark,

I got you work in that supermarket, You said its not like the market,
You sit all day like a broken packet,
You want office work not a market,

You call me poor and backward,
Because i will never move forward,
Working all day in the backyard,
Tending orchards and vineyards,

Dear wife remember the T.V you’re watching,
Its the loan i borrowed for you to be watching,
I have to work to stop then from snatching,
The TV that you’re watching,

Now don’t call me poor and backward instead,
Lets work and make our lives steady……..


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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