Running away

My friend am running a way,
That’s why am carrying takeaway,
So need to make a way,
Before they could come this way,

Looking after the cows at the woods,
She came looking for firewood,
They say it was love at first sight,
But i wish i controlled my sight,
I couldn’t be running this way

Hi she said standing so close,
I swear i couldn’t have been that close ,
But how could i sit at the cliff?
When her breasts were so stiff?

Little did i know she was still in school,
I could have just taken it cool,
Under the mango beside that pool,
It started as we stood,

My hands on her up and down,
As the calves jumped up and down,
Kissing her as we lay down,
Far away from the nearest town,

Meat on meat or dry is what they say,
I couldn’t afford to let it stay,
Protection were in the house i stay,

Two months now she hasn’t seen,
Everyday she says i need to be seen,
Her mother recently created a scene,
I guess i had committed this holy sin,

Loss of appetite,gain of weight also vomiting,
School became hard as she used commuting,
She m’ght be pregnant everyone commenting

It has been found she has gained a pound,
She has a baby pumb that’s why she’s round,
The father should be found that to be bound,
Now am running away so as not be found,

I am over eighteen she’s just a thirteen,
How a fool i have been to lay just a teen,………….


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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