In a short skirt just below the ankles,
She has gone through a lot of struggles,
Just because she wanted to mingle,
That’s all what she call life triangles,

She made her way to unknown place,
Which she knew it won’t be able to trace,
But she wanted him to take his place,
That’s why she went to his ‘palace’,
Touts shouting admiring her face,
But she kept on with her pace,
Excuse me the man in blue she address,
Showing him the address,

Took seat number forty seven,
And remembered when she was seven,
Never give up said Granny in heaven,
She had died when she was eleven,

There stood the man of her dreams,
With short hair well trimmed,
Hands spread to be hugged,
There love life has been plugged ,

To the house she’s welcomed,
Deliciously she’s was served,
Eating like she had starved,
Silently he observed,

Gently in bed they kissed,
Something for long she missed,
Her breasts freely he caressed ,
For long she had been depressed,

In pleasure and passion her mind was lost,
Her heart sparkling like a lamp on the post,
His hands down her thigh,
All this time she felt high,

Its time they had to do it,
She urged him just to do it,
Just then she shouted wait!!!,
She is sure she has seen it,
It’s her step brother living ghost,

This is all because of her step brother Okoth,
He had sworn and sworn even in oath,
He will kill her or kill them both,

Now ‘I’ can’t love ? a loud she laughed,
Let it be! in his mouth her tongue she ploughed,
Together they moaned as they come,
And vowed one they become………..



Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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