*All men are dogs*

Broken heart uncomfortable soul is what you got,
Every advice every guideline all you forgot,
You did criticise you did despise you who begot,

Mother to father sister to brother advised you forever,
Love one guy stay with one guy and live forever,
You dumped that guy went for that one who seemed better,
You jumped from one guy to another testing them like butter,

Everybody now has left and you’re the one left,
You look on the other guy you dumped he’s the only left,
You don’t know what to do go to right or left,

East west home is best he says no to the pest,
You beg and beg he can’t go back to the past,
You leave your head down as he wishes the best,

All men are the same is what you have to blame,
Now girl let me ask  why did you test all the same?
You wanted those with fame but you stepped on the flame,

All men are dogs remember dogs met with dogs……….



Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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