*Until she is back*

It was a little past eleven when she shuffled into the small apartment bedroom,
She had fallen asleep sometime in the middle of the night,
On the couch, school books spread around
her on the coffee table,
He was laying on his side, bare torso poking out from under the heavy comforter,
Placing her coffee on the bed side table, she crawled in next to him,
Wrapping her cold legs around his warm ones and closed her eyes,

He felt her touch knowing one thing tomorrow she will be gone,
He knew he will be a lone when she’s gone Canada will be her home,
He reached on her waist pulling her close no time to waste,
The mouths meet His tongue in hers ,her tongue in His,

Kissing her neck all around her head all inside the net,
He puts his cock before the cocks crows and she takes her coke,
He slams her hard and moaning will be heard as dogs continued to bark,

He falls on his back after releasing her pack,
It will take her long to be back and she waved goodbye back,
God watch her back he said as he went back……


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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