My English teacher

This is not a love letter nor a romantic letter,
It’s a confession am giving for the world to better,
Here in bed am lying for failing to feel better,
The reasons am all giving in the stanzas to follow later,

Her name miss Atieno if not Mrs Otieno,
The woman with a beauty to please even Mourinho,
Her breasts standing high they call them ’embe dodo’,
The teeth had a gap wonderful when she smile,
Atieno was pretty the boys say ‘ako viti’,

Let me say how it began the first day in class,
She came after break as usual good morning class,
My name is Atieno in short call me ‘Atie’,
Never heard of that name even from my auntie,

She sat in front an angle that could tempt,
I swear again and again even my uncle could tempt,
She gave us an angle the answer to attempt,
When evening came the books i was to collect,
Everybody was able to write it correct,
The books i had to carry to her house direct,

Knock ! knock! its me have brought the books,
Come in she said as she un deed the door hooks,
Sit down have some tea don’t worry of the looks,
I must rush back home it may rain as it looks,

You have to drink as your teacher i insist,
Even if it rains the umbrella i’ll assist,
Even if its you no way to resist,
She sat beside me with the books to assist,
Sip after sip soon the cup is empty,
Soon after that i felt to pre-empt ,
Tried not to reveal rising it kept,
Before i could think she took my hand uprupt,

My head felt dizzy but i was in bed with my teacher,
I tried to recall everything thought by my preacher,
I have never don’t done it before leave alone my
To my home i left before it was dark,
To bed i went before my memory came back,
The tea that drink is where i can flashback,
The Swahili could say ‘ilitiwa Mchele’

Little by little i began the battle,
I could not eat well even drink from the bottle,
I began weight lose and body to belittle,
I was out of school sickling being the tittle,
The doctor has confirmed and parents informed,
The HIV in me and to AIDS it has transformed,
I couldn’t believe and felt you should be informed,
A Doctor was my dream by now it has been deformed,
And if you could read the error i be informed ,

As a poet you could read and the working dismiss,
I tried my best a message not to miss,
This things are there no need to dismiss,
…………. #bonny


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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