Because am a Kenyan policeman

From fishermen to kinsmen from watchmen to Laymen,
From drivers to conductors from believers to nonbelievers,
From explorers to passengers from children to elders,
Mine question is to ask why do you all hate me ? because am a Kenyan police?

From morning to evening from evening to down,
Am in every place in town moving up and down,
There is a crime going on a man is killed downtown,
When i think to lie down there is an emergency in town,
All this I do but you hate me all through because am a Kenyan police,

I try not to kill even when am meant to kill,
He is an armed criminal with a gun ready to kill,
Put gun down and surrender but his hands steady still,
When his blood i spill i have swallowed a bitter bill,
In the streets you march saying i planned to kill,
Its the question i ask was i to stand to be killed?

From evening to morning you get drunk,
I assist you get money from bank,
Instead of me  give thanks,
You say i want bribe in thanks,
Why do treat me like this only because am a cop?

Cars you drive in full speed even where there is no need,
I arrest you for over speeding you call me a begger in need,
I arrest you for drunk driving to help you from danger you’re heading,
You call me me unlearned skunk whose head needs beheading,
Don’t you see its my job am doing?

I arrest you kids while drinking for there age isn’t for drinking,
You call me an impotent bastard who doesn’t know child making,
Am a father and husband in the cold their living am making,
Don’t see the sacrifice am making?

When i killed the bad boys you say its human right am violating,
You hire all the goons in town you start rioting,
When the bad guys mercilessly slaughter me you only say rest in peace,
Does it mean am not a human being?

When a bad cop does the silly thing,
Its my kids you keep hating,
In my life you keep betting,
When i will stop breathing,

I think i should be ending,
But this i should finish editing,
When busy in bed sleeping,
With your wife in love making,
Am in town bad guy chasing,

When your kids enjoy seeing you everyday,
Mine don’t know they will see me which day,
When your enjoying your holiday,
Am there to keep you safe the whole day,

Insults you call me everyday nicknames i get each day,
If only you take time today and think of being a cop one day,
Don’t you think you also deserve better everyday?
I know you won’t comment on this poem today,
Because you also hate a cop everyday,

Now its time am ending its not  complains am making,
Its not sympathy am seeking its a point am making,
There maybe errors am making in the way am writing,
Its a point you should be getting not a composition marking,

As a cop am begging as a human being i be treated,
Not insults and name calling from everybody mistreated,
Am a father and a husband for those of you interested,
Don’t take for granted only because am a policeman…………….



Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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