Give them education

Kids and street children youths and all children give education,
The first stanza am writing is for giving introduction,
I guess everyone of you  have seen the introduction,
Am through with the introduction now am going to the notion,

Youths need education but not ‘radicate’ them,
In crime we introduce them everyday we them,
We blame hunger and poverty those things we will eradicate them,
If only me and you together we teach them,

Politicians use them in office to put them, After that they dump them without pity on them,
Drug dealers use them their drugs to transport them,
In streets you find them in jails you cant miss them,
The question is why not teach them all to gain knowledge with them,

With our effort we can save them with much as they claim,
Good morals is for us to train them out of crime we all pull them,
Nothing more to say its hard to explain,
All of here know we are on the same train,

If all are trained from crime to abstain,
And school be taken knowledge to obtain,
Crime we will contain and peace we obtain,

Lastly i have to say the youths we must educate…………..


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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