Rape ! rape !

I have never been a raped i will speak for the
Even if it cant be taped in writing it will be
A man in his right mind turns on a baby on his
Not to say hi and have fun but to do to her
what’s not right,
Your hands her mouth you shut her womanhood
you hurt,
Have ever sit down and thought what it was
your daughter?
What if it was you daughter defiled by her own
He came and asked for water to drink ,
Got hold of her without much to think,
You come from where you hard gone to drink,
To find you daughter on the froor will you
What if it was you wife or sister?
Coming from the market is your lovely sister,
From knowhere come this this men and rape
What if it was your lovely wife whom you love
for life?
Get raped by a dozen men then ropped of her
Will you dance or grieve will you laugh or weep?
Next time you decide to rape that innocent girl
think of your daughter at home,
Next time you beast on a defenceless woman
think of your little sister…
Lastly i ask what if it was you children?……



Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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