Am a Kenyan Soldier

Its not a poem am writing nor a love song am singing,
Its a tribute am giving to that soldier who is tired of living,
Poets don’t judge my writing what i know is gun carrying,
Big words you may use in commenting while here am tormenting,
I am a Kenyan soldier trained to fight in front of my enemy,

In the pitch dark were called to wage war we were told,
The enemy lies there in the dark the general said very bold,
You must know who you are he said as he drew in bold,
We shall not flag or fail We shall go on to the end,

In darkness we stroll and crawl between the enemies territory,
We know  death is roaming near it can come today or tomorrow,
When cities burn armies turn we know ours is tomorrow,
Our thoughts on our child our minds on our wives,
And all who depend on our lives,
But warriors know in their marrow they only have one life to lose,

We fight a war every tomorrow waged by leaders in office,
Comrades die and warriors die for selfish people in office,
They brand us killers and murderous only to retain their office,
Kill him or get killed use your skill are the orders,

They make us believe we are doing right when doing all this evil,
Killing someone’s father in the name of enemy branding him evil,
Athough I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death’ I shall fear no evil,

Finally they retire us all simply they need fresh blood,
They give nothing as they send us home with all the pressure in the blood,
Our wives ran away with our kids since they told them our hands smell blood,
We live in depressed and trauma from the war they let us fight,

They put us in court martial when we as money for bread,
The take us to interrogation when a crime is done where we live,
We loose a lot of our best friends in the war that they start,
My cries to those who hear remember the service that we gave,
My word to their offices remember we can forget and forgive,
Take care of our retired service men and women for the sacrifice they give,

Its with condolence i end this but i have to remind you this,
Its a tribute am giving for those asking whats this,
Those who question this and ones ready to mark this,
Have you ever looked at a soldier dying in the battle field as you condemn this?

Its the end am writing comrades saluting,
I am a Kenyan Soldier…………..



Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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