Set up Episode 1

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Uganda the Pearl of Africa! Where women have respect,a blessed land,”Nobukhosi said and they touched down in Entebee airport.” What is this you call the Pearl of Africa? Look at your Airport its like a world war battle field! Bonny teased as ten friends entered the bus. “Nnyabo,what’s the exchange rate of Ugandan shilling ?” Jossy asked the driver who returned a smile back ,” We don’t call a man Nnyabo,its a female address meaning madam” the driver replied as Nobukhosi laughed loudly.” Tell me sir how we call a man in Luganda ” Ellenah asked the driver who looked calm. ” You can’t Learn Luganda in One day” Nobukhosi said again. ” Can’t you just shut up that mouth of yours? How many years have you been and you can’t say even viIn swahili?” Brian joined in.Bonny got out his phone and read a letter that Marryon had sent a to say she won’t be travelling with them. He read through and through again ” Hi babe how are you, i guess you’re good.Am sorry i wont travel with you.My dad told me to stay behind everyone will he home for a family gathering. Bye love you Bony mwaaaah” .He had hoped Marryon was to travel with.He had planned to propose while in Uganda. He looked the ring he had bought to propose with and shook his head..You will do it next time ” Ellenah said to him and………….Episode 2


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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