That village village

There is this village boy who is always horny,
He moves from village to village looking for honey,
He impregnated Oluoch’s daughter after giving her money,
He stole Onyango’s goat to sell it and get money,
Who knows this village boy?

He knows every new girl who comes to the village,
He knows where there is a party even in milage a way,
He says all girls are his he although he has no house to call his,
Have you seen such a village boy?

Atieno a girl from the city Akinyi her aunt she went to visit,
Otieno’s daughter well raised abstainance had been her rhythm,
In this village she came to visit the village boy was ready to feast,
I will get as soon as possible in front of his friends he said,
Have ever heard such play boy?

Excuse me young beauty am Oti the hommie,
Or you call me Otis a name given by mommie,
I want you to be mine he said flowers in his hand,
Together i will make you a queen if you give your hand,
Come on give Oti a kiss he said reaching for her hand,

To hell with you whoever you call yourself,
You can’t be ashamed of  yourself,
Who wants a man like you go and bath yourself,
Am not as cheap as you think am a girl who respect herself,
Otieno made a fool of himself,

His friends laughed loudly as he disappeared to the bush,
Oti has become a village laugh stock or how he ran to the bush,
Every girl every boy in the village they call him Oti the bush,
Have you ever seen such a village boy?


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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