A hero has fallen

Far away in that ragged village miles away from his country,
A hero has fallen a warrior has fallen protecting his country,
Soldiers knees down their heads bowed low he was a great man in this country,
Come out! come out! come and hear the sad news that has hit this country,

Back in his village woman and men are moaning,
Both young and old the news hit them in the morning,
Look at his children and wife who will support their life,
Call the drummer to beat the drum tell the world he gave his life,

Look he hasn’t paid dowry for the wife the one he loves with his life,
Look he hasn’t build himself a house he lived in this ‘Isimba’ all his life,
Who will inherit her young wife who will till all his land?

Stop  asking all that we are moaning a fallen hero,
A man who gave his own life to fight for those he loves,
A man who defended his own country the respect much he deserves,
He walked in the enemy line every night when you are sleeping at night,
His dreams was to have peace at last but he had fallen early last night,

Look at those soldiers faces they loved him that much,
Look at their sad faces he motivated them so much,
Soon you will all forget him them they can forget him not,
He was a warrior among his platoon alive they can bring him not,
Salute to you my fallen comrade brother i will forget you not,

You were a hero a warrior and companion you died in the line of duty,
All of you doing your duty,
Salute,salute to all fallen Soldiers!



Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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