Set up Episode 2

“Okay guys here we are” Mookan said as the bus stopped in front of their hotel room.”We will have one hour to rest and take a shower then we hit Kampala city for the night, remember tomorrow some of us we are proceeding with our journey south” Regina said and everyone went to their hotel rooms.The following day Nobukhosi,Simon,Regina,Jossy ,Mookan and Wambui were mearnt to travel to Malawi where they would spend a week and then go back to Kenya.Bonny,Ellenah,Brian and Sharon were to remain in the city for a week or so.They knew they had only a few hours to get to know the night life of Kampala before they separated.Soon they started emerging from their rooms to the dinning room.”You look good guys you’re dressed to kill,” Ellenah commented as they sat around the dining table.”Am not dressed to kill, Brian started, why should i kill someone who has not wronged me? You should have said am dressed to get all.Wait until i step to those streets all this Ugandan ladies will be calling my name Brian Brian not like Simon who is dressed like an Eskimo and Bonny who is dressed like a family man.” he said as others burst into laughter “Sure Bonny,he continued, the ladies will look at the way you are dressed and they are like ” He may be their uncle or father and they avoid you.” he said amidst laughter. Bonny also wanted to hit back, ” Let me tell you one thing Mr. get all,you will get a lot of attention tonight but all for a negative side. Look at the way you are dressed, you look like a zebra crossing and the moment you step in town ,people will pass on you thinking its a zebra crossing. Some of them will take photos of you thinking you’re a zebra that has ran away from a zoo somewhere in town. The Daily papers will be ” A huge crowd following a night zebra”, Everybody burst into laughter and Ellenah nearly fell from her seat. Without waiting for them to recover from the laughter Bonny added ” and by the way Brian ,why don’t you buy a spray instead of using toilet air frenshner ?” Brian himself laughed and admitted he had lost.After taking their meal they decided to visit  Club Silk to have a drink for the night.”I like this place ,its cool and the air is fresh” Ellenah said to Bonny as they Watched a Football match on the Giant screen. Both being Manchester united fans and their team was playing, they refused to follow the others who had decided to and enjoy a night walk.”Hey Bonny you miss her?” Ellenah asked after watching Bonny who sipped his delmonte slowly. “Yeah i miss her,he began, you see me and Marryon we have never been far from each other since we became lovers. I miss her so much right a way and i know she misses me too.” he said forcing a smile. As the game went to half time break, Bonny asked Ellenah what happened to her relationship. “Mmmm yes where should i start,okay ,she began ,i had this boyfriend of five years, one day i…………………………..Episode 3


Author: mogesi

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