Set up Episode 3

“Now you see,I introduced this Lady friend of mine to my boyfriend, and that was the biggest mistake i have ever done in my life.” Ellenah continued as her face turned sad. “My boy then hit on her and the next moment i got them face to face in my boyfriend’s bed.You see this particular day i didn’t tell him that i was visiting. He had told me he won’t be home so i decided to go and have a look at the house in case someone broke into and stole. As i approached the house, i saw the door open and at first thought people had broken into the house and ransacked it. But something caught my attention, all the ladies in the neighbours houses came to their balconies and started whispering to each other while they looked towards my boyfriends house. As i neared the door, i could hear music playing and calmed down at least knowing the house was safe since he was home. I entered without knocking and immediately as i entered, i found a woman’s underwear on the floor.I looked at the underwear and saw that it wasn’t mine.Now i was fully alarmed. On the couch next was a jacket, trouser,blouse and a bra.I tip toed to the bed room door and what i saw made me drain all my strength.In bed was my boyfriend on top of her a woman and that woman was my best friend!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes.They were making love with all sorts of noise.I stood there for  five minutes.I didn’t know what to do. Go and confront them or walk out and go.They were so busy enjoying themselves and they didn’t notice my presence. I went back to the sitting room,sat on the couch and poured some wine for myself.As i sipped my wine thinking of what to do,an idea came to me.I remembered my boyfriend was a licanced gun holder. I checked on the drawer and found it intact. I removed it and placed it on the table next to my glass of wine. I got two glasses from the cupboard and filled them with wine.I locked the door from inside and put the key in my pocket.I sat down and filled my cup too.I then took the Radio remote and turned it off.”Babe go and check what happened and put better music” i heard my boyfriend saying . My friend came out of the room naked twekking as my boy shouted ” You got a good as than Ellenah”! As she saw me ,i raised the gun and signalled her to the next couch.” Am sorry please am sorry please don’t kill me” she cried.” Sorry for what sweetie just turn on the music and come back” my boyfriend kept saying.Getting impatient he came out of the room only to find me pointing a gun to him.He nearly fainted. He fell to the ground calling me all names begging me to spare him and forgive him.I summoned him to the couch without a word. I ordered the to drink the wine.The second half is about to start” Ellenah said reffering to the game they were watching as she stopped telling Bonny the story. “Hey am sorry but what happed after that?” Bonny asked as he was eager to hear the story to the end.” OK you see after telling them to take the wine, Ellenah began, I told them to………………………….Episode 4


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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