This tiny Ants

Since Monday low from a mistake i made,i went to my bible so that i will talk to my God through His word.As i was reading verse after verse, i came to this verse in Proverbs 6:6-11which i know you have come across. It read Go to the ant you sluggard…….I smiled when i read the verse, i asked myself when did i last see an ant? I couldn’t remember the last day when i saw an ant.Yesterday i took time to look for ants and came across one of their territory. I was ready to learn from them.For over thirty minutes its when i came to the conclusion that we are real meant to learn from them. First the ants are very friendly and loving to each other. As some came out and same came in their territory, they could meet on the way and ‘hug’  each other. They could always stop to hug eat other irrespect how long it takes. I followed this huge ant among the tiny ones and its body didn’t stop it from showing love to the others.As i followed then all the way ,i came to realise where they were heading to.They had got a huge snail and several ants were pushing it and pulling it irrespective of its huge size.Then after sometime,they came up with a plan. They started cutting a piece each and taking it to their territory. By the time i left the snail had been dismembered to a size that several ants could drag along.I went my way with a lot of new strength.I asked myself what if we a become friendly with each fellow human beings,what if what we speak to others is love, peace and harmony but not hatred and enemity!! What if we use our huge wealth size to show others love irrespective economical status instead of pride? I learnt the beauty of sharing our  problems! Despite of the intensity of our problems we can dismember it and within a minute its something an individual can solve. Then i remembered we are human beings, human beings make mistakes that’s what they thought us believe, right? Where will mistakes come from if we all love each other? Where will hatred come from if all we have i love ? Look down at this tiny fellows, most of the time me and you go our way without noticing how important we can learn from others people’s daily living life.But how could this be if we live in those huge mansions surrounded by an electric fence, CCTV cameras and security personnels,how will this be if we cruise around with cars which are tinted and windows raised to the end? I learnt therefore you go also to the Ant!!


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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