Set up Episode 4

“So after they sat what did you do to them” bonny asked, Ellenah took a sip from her glass and continued, “Well “,she began after taking a deep breath, ” I was out of words, my anger grew and grew ,the gun was steady in my hands. I began to laugh at myself and i thought i was going nuts. I pointed the gun to his head and he started pleading ‘ am sorry trust me i won’t do it again” Are you gloating inside? That’s what this is about, isn’t it? Getting me to trust
you so you could blow it up in my face!” I shouted “I get that you’re angry—,” he said, “I am ripped apart!” I shouted.He kept silent. Then a crazy idea stuck me,i told them to rise up and they did.” Ok if you don’t want me to put a hole into your brain with this gun, do as i say.” i said to them .I told him to carry the Lady on his back and walk around naked shouting “I was caught red handed! i was caught red handed”.They did so in the full eyes of all the neighbours around. It was a spectacular moment for the neighbours.I then left them and went on my way and since then i don’t trust anyone myself.” she finished as she took another sip. ” Oh my God, am seeing that picture of them moving around naked” bonny said laughing.”Excuse me lady” a young middle aged Man excused Ellenah as he took a seat next to their table, “Yes please how can i help you?” She asked. “OK you see i have been watching you for sometime and i saw that you are a good lady to make out with tonight. I can buy you anything you order for” He said. “Oh that’s nice of you, i have never seen a man like you the one i have here is useless” she said pointing at bonny. Bonny new what the young man didn’t know, Ellenah was teasing him.” Now Mr.nice guy can you buy me a car to use in my personal bussiness and a five star hotel where i will be sleeping and eating? The young man disappeared to the crowd leaving Bonny and Ellenah in stitches. Bonny looked at his phone it had over twenty missed calls from Marryon and a dozen messages.” So you can’t pick my calls because you are holed up with that whore in the lodging” read the first one.” You told others to go alone so that you can have a chance with that hoe. You can’t even pick my call you unfaithful thing” all the messages read the same. ” Lets go” Bonny said. Without a word seeing the expression on his face,Ellenah followed him as they made their way out.He tried to call Marryon but she couldn’t pick the call. Soon the others joined them. He tried to call again and she didnt pick. Then a message came ” Its over between Me and you” He threw the phone to a wall and it broke into pieces. They then……………Episode 5


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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