Set up Episode 6

  Hello Bonny how was your night?” Sharon asked him. “Should i answer that ‘Sha'” he said to her calling her the name Sha the short form of Sharon.” I didn’t sleep at all, i was thinking about Marryon the whole night” he said as Sharon took a seat next to him. ”Sharon may i ask you?” he asked ” Sure why not” she replied.”Do you believe love at the first sight?” he asked. “Yes why do you ask?” she responded with a question. “You know i met Marryon and i fell in love there and there! She was in this cream trousers and a short sleeved blouse, she was so gorgeous, a beautiful lady without a make-up! She had this natural smile that make me blush.That’s where our journey of love began,i cant believe you want to leave me now” bonny said. “Am sorry bonny,someone said “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. Every story has an end,but in life every end is just a new beginning. We have to deal with pain to find happiness. We
have to deal with pain to find us. We become stronger with each bad day, bad relationship, bad past, just everything bad.” she said ” Yeah that good ” he said “But the problem is you don’t realise , she is gone does that mean you will not rise and do the necessary!!” she added “What do you mean Sharon?” “She is gone ,i mean forget about Marryon, we are here for you but you can’t see that!” she said as she rose to go. ” You mean i leave Marryon i come for you?” he asked “What don’t i have?” she replied ” I can’t leave Marryon Sharon!!!,she my life Sha,” he said. “You will be in for it , bonny” she and went to join the others.” What does she mean i will …. …………Episode 7


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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