Set up Episode 7

Bonny,Ellenah,Brian ,Wambui,Sharon,Nobukhosi,Simon,Regina,Jossy and Mookan! All sat down and highlighted what they were to do as they were about to depart to different ways.Bonny,Brian,Ellenah and Sharon were to remain in Uganda as the rest moved to Malawi.” Guys ,its time we are about to depart to different ways for a forth night hope God brings us together again in one piece.Toast to that” Bonny said as they enjoyed their morning breakfast.That morning as the they saw off the rest,bonny decided to stay at the hotel since he didn’t have the moods to go out.Ellenah decided to also stay behind as Sharon and Brian went out.”Have you talked to her?” Ellenah asked, “Not yet, i have tried calling but her phone is off”! he replied.Time passed and know one was talked to each other. “Have you ever thought getting out of your relationship with Marryon?”
she asked ,”No,since i hate being lonely Loneliness can become a tangible thing, after a while. It’s something that you carry with you on your shoulder, hold up like a friend with a twisted ankle. It sits with you and walks the streets with
you. It’s a selfish thing and it refuses to let go or even split its attention. Of course, like a particularly annoying itch, you can convince yourself for a while that it’s not there. You can go
to libraries and sit with friends and drink more coffee than your body can handle and you can feel
surrounded and happy. And that’s what i feel now” he said. “Oh no bonny, am here as your friend, remember you just need someone to put a hand on your shoulder and turn
you around, to look at you and tell you the three words that matter most: You’re not alone. Don’t be scared. I am here. It’s not about love or lust or any other inadequate word; it’s about being touched and realizing that you are no longer by
yourself.”Ellenah  said. “You !! what if you tell me to walk naked out side for neighbours to see me” He teased her.She hit him with a pillow and he threw it back.They started playing with the chair pillows . She then tried to wrestle him but they fell on the floor.Bonny accidentally fell on top of her.She started breathing heavily as bonny looked straight into her eyes. She couldn’t take it any more. She pulled him down and as her lips were about to reach his,they hard someone.”Seems people have a good time ,do you need some privacy” it was Sharon who came back …………..episode 8


Author: mogesi

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