They met online part 1

They met online one day, and he felt she was a real Lady. He knew how people could be fakes over the net, but he thought to himself “what the hell? She makes me smile, doesn’t she? It’s not like I’m going to fall in love with her.” They lived in different parts of the world, and the internet was the only way they connected.
Everyday, after she came back from work,She would hit the gym. After gym, she came home, showered and went online. He realised the pattern of her routine and waited online for he knew she would show up. It was extremely easy to talk to her, to just be himself. He spent his day at work just waiting to get back home and meet her online. This one day, she didn’t show up. He thought perhaps she was too busy and slept on it. The next day was another no show, and it went on for two months. You’d think who cares? She was just a woman he met online; he thought so too. But after speaking regularly for 5 months, he did care. And he couldn’t be but worried. Where was she? He had none of her contact information.They only spoke online……..Part 2


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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