They met online part 2

Then one day there she was online, he quickly texted “is that really you”,she replied and he asked her a few questions from the previous conversations to see if she was real her! She said she had a technical failure and she was now back! They exchanged contacts and talked online when they were not on whatsapp! They exchanged photos and he loved her more. He was very happy when she told him she misses him. He told his dad about her and his dad gave him a go ahead to make sure he marries her! He got his phone and wrote to her “surprise,are you ready for the news?” She did not reply! He though she might have been held in work, He left a message inbox still no reply night came He slept, waking up checking the message report ,the message was pending! What happened to her? He loved her so much should he care after all she was an online lady! three months on no reply she’s not online, her numbers are not going through will he……. part 3


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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