They met online part 3

After three Months again as he was sleeping he had his phone message ringtone, he ignored thinking its a promotional message from his mobile network.He work up ,went for morning jogging ,took a bath and as he was having his breakfast, he decided to look at his phone! He nearly spit his tea from his mouth to what he saw “Honey how have you been? I missed you so much! I went for a project abroad and it wasn’t able to communicate” He was now half crying half laughing! Another message read “Honey please talk to me, send me your photos so that i can see how you have grown” attached were her selfie and groundie, standie photos! This can’t be real, so she still loves me? He took his best photos and attached to the message” Sweetheart, i missed you so much too ! how have you been? You look beautiful in this pink dress” He used some of the photos as his screen saver! communication resumed !He din’t know the many surprises awaited him in Facebook! After a long chat and exchange and air kissing each other, they said good bye to each other! He felt pleased and wanted to share his joy in Facebook! He logged in ! He didn’t believe his eyes 50 notifications for the first time! Inbox was full of congratulations! In his wall was a picture photo shopped ( His and Her holding hands with a caption I love you forever) he froze there ,over 100 comments ! So she loves me…….Part 4


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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