They met online part 4

He was happy to be engaged on Facebook with the most beautiful woman! He showed friends and work mates the pictures and message exchanged! Deep inside he was a celebrity! It has been two months since they engaged online! He now feared that she will disappear again as the third month approached!  He gave himself confidence that she will show up in case she goes again! Whats 3 months? I will wait! His fears was confirmed “babe am going for the regular general meeting abroad for 3 months and i will be back” read the message he got .All at once communication went dead for at least other 3 months! He felt lonely! He has fallen for her! Why cant she call? Maybe she is too busy at the meeting! Three months passed no communication! He texted no reply the fourth month she isn’t back! What happened he questioned himself! What happened to my ‘wife’? Checking online no activity! One evening as the fifth month was approaching he went online! In his feeds was a picture of her holding
a young baby beside her was a many who seemed so happy Maybe he is his brother and this is his child He thought to himself! But something shocked him! with the picture was the most painful words “We have just been blessed by a by a baby girl !I love my baby and my lovely husband of 3years James” The phone dropped from his hands he………..Part 5


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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