My rite of passage part 2

We came to the bank of the only river in the village.Like livestock, we were hounded into the water.Damn! It was freezing cold.Only our heads were to stay above water while the rest of our bodies endured the biting chill that numbed us to near death.After twenty minutes they allowed us out of the water, any longer they would have picked a corpse, because I was already frost bitten to the max.Without pity, we were made to lie naked on our backs on the dew meadow.The blades of the wet grass made me want to scratch my entire body at the same time. They sadistically tied our hands and pulled out the most reactive leaves known to my ethnic tribe.They rubbed the leaves (Enyanduri) on our genitals to cause a major
swell, a stinging pain and a total loss of physical sensation that could rival morphine as a sedative.Tormented beyond words,they made us more miserable by smearing us with ash so we could be more distinctive in the darkness of the night……..part 3


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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