My rite of passage part 3 (final)

The throng finally matched into my homestead in a military style parade that kept the eleven initiates in a surrounded center.They whisked me, none too gently to join the chickened out boys and with me in,they had attained their desired number.”Time to go catch some fan,”announced one person.We hit the road, destination-the sacred grounds(Manga ridge), where there was this huge Stone.It was the designated Venue for special communal events like the harvest thanks giving and offering sacrifices to appease the ancestors. Us initiates were virtually naked and on barefoot as we trudged through the rugged terrain.It was a four miles torture trail intended to prepare our bodies for the operation.My follicles
straightened and my skin was
suddenly rough with goose bumps.I was loosing heat at an alarming rate and I could feel not just my skin shrink but my entire organs too. “Hasn’t anyone heard of pneumonia?” I queried in a muffled whisper
Satisfied with the preludes,they led us to the “Holy” Stone. It was decided that I go first,since I was the last one to be picked.I lay on my back on the wooden bench that was suspended to the Stone .The armed men positioned
themselves in a line; bows and arrows in place determined to shoot,if a so much as flinched or made a sound.An elderly Man brought forward the little furnace with red-hot burning coal and dipped in the coal was the knife that was specifically for me.The Circumciser took the knife and examined it.He nodded in approval.Then took hold of my swollen genitals and started cutting my foreskin with clinical accuracy.The bloody procedure was excruciatingly painful but the apprehension of the fact that I was a target to dozens of itchy fingers was enough to contain my tears.When I was finally done with they cheered my bravery and in honor of my newly acquired status they directed their bows to the sky and shot into the space and sang obscene songs in ululation back to the village, where we had to undergo the healing process in a special hut,in seclusion for weeks. During this time I was never allowed to see my father and any female except my grandmother……End


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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