In the middle of my loneliness and longing,
In the middle of being so alone hanging ,
In a place where no one seemed to care,
She came to me when you walked away,

She found me there.
She lifted me up and you give me hope.
She gave me the kind of love  that I have never received from anyone before.
She pulled me out of the storm that you left me in when you walked away.

You complained of my smelly feet,
That they will knock you off your feet,
She found a way,yes a way to clean my socks,
You complained of small room,
She said many can’t afford a thinned room,

She appreciates me in every way anyway,
I tried so hard to put my thoughts on a a table for you,
You said i was so nagging and trying to steal freedom from you,
You walked away leaving me in the cold and broken hearted,
Then i found her,
I found her who my heart longed for,

I love her for being my sweetheart,
I love her for being my partner and my
I love her for the caring and joy that she
share without end.
I love her for the warm tender touch and
the things she does for me.
I love her for the way she helps all my dreams come true,
I love her for all she  is and what she is.
I love her Today, Tomorrow, Forever …
I’ll never stop loving her and you i love not.


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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