Behind the dirt street came a boy,
Dirty shabbily clothed boy with a painful past,
His face wrinkled,his stomach protruding,
They branded him a street urchin, guttersnipe , ragamuffin, tatterdemalion.
Nobody knew where he had came from.

His father and mother were killed in the civil war,
A war caused by greedy and power thirsty individuals,
His baby sister just died a few hours ago as he watched,
Isn’t it too much for a seven year old?

In the pins he searched for food,
From the roofs they chased him a way,
Calling him a disease carrier and a thug,
Children set their dog pets at him,
As their parents cheered on them,

Roaming through the streets in the hot sun,
Sleeping in the veranda in the biting cold,
His stomach empty and rumbling,
He remembered them,

The memories of his dead parents made him cry,
As the shop owners splashed water on him as he begged for food,
Tears flowed freely as he wished for death,
In his mind he asked ,isn’t there anyone who cared?

This morning he saw it,
Its metal barriers were still the same,
For three days he hadn’t eaten anything,
The sight of the military camp gave him hope,
He knew he will have something to cool his burning stomach.

With new energy he moved forward,
His thin legs excited as he crossed the first barrier,
Stop ! Came an order as he passed through the second barrier,
He felt  pain in his thin chest as he fell down,
Blood oozed out as his vision became blur ,

Its only a kid they said,
Trying to stop the bleeding as they grieved,
Are we to spend the rest of our lives in this state,
Of high alert with guns pointed at each other’s
heads and fingers trembling on the trigger?

He opened his eyes and looked at them,
He had one word to say to them,
He wanted them to hear before he goes,
He opened his mouth amidst the crying soldiers and said,
He uttered the most painful words,
“I only wanted food” as he closed his eyes!!



Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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