Seated at the furthest corner of the dark room is a girl,
Her head on her kneels her clothes torn with a swollen eye,
Her soul had been murdered inflicting wounds that cannot heal in reality,
She knows its a moment before his predator arrive to feast on her,

She heard the footsteps coming and she knew this would be another long night,
He hit her on the head calling her every word,
I wish you died with your mother you bitch he said,
Yes she wished to be dead in the back of a hearse,

He threw her against the wall then proceeded to pin her to the ground,
He covered her mouth not letting her make a sound,
He unbuckled his belt and was ready to do the worst on her,
She started to struggle and tried to release
herself of his forceful grip,
But how can a ten year old get out of a giants way?

Then the next thing she felt was a sharp pain,
A pain caused by his penetration inside her,
How can a father be this cruel and heartless ?,
She didn’t understand how a father could hate his daughter so much,
She froze and she couldn’t believe that this was really going on,

He pushed harder and harder and excruciating pain was all she felt,
She cried so hard not believing this was the man who was supposed to protect her,
She wished to close her eyes and vanish into thin air to meet her mother,

Laughing he left promising to come back for more,
He left her in tears and bloodied,
He hard taken the innocence of her own daughter,
Slowly she rose up with one thing on her mind,
This won’t go on forever she said,
From her clothes she made a thread!

Who will save more girls like me she thought,
It’s better to die than this to face,
From the roof the room hung a ten year old girl,
She couldn’t take the pain anymore and herself she hanged,
On the wall written with her own blood were the words for you and me,
” Who will voice our voice ” it read,



Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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