Am just a little boy  seven years is what am told,
My momma died of HIV/AIDS my dad died in a car accident,
My sister died aborting and my only uncle taken to prison,
And myself i found in the streets.

Nobody stops to look at me because am dirty and i smell,
Nobody stops to give me a little they say its so little,
Blessed are those who can give so says the holy book,

Within town i pass eating from the pins,
With my bare feet i walk through sharp pins,
In days i havent eaten my stomach is in pain,
Poverty is my name hunger is my my best clothe.

Who will give me a little to eat,
Who will give me water to drink,
Sometimes a small thing you can do,
Can mean everything in another person’s life,

You throw a way  your food into the pins,
While a child dies from hunger in every 3 minutes,
Its  plea am giving don’t throw that food,
With a little that you don’t need ,can save a live of one child!



Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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