CONSTRUCTION OF ISRAEL 3RD TEMPLE UNDER WAY!!! (Read this Prophecy and be warned)


Since the re-birth of Israel as a nation in 1948, Israel & Jews worldwide are even more keenly aware of the absence of a Jerusalem temple for Jews to worship in. After Israel’s 1st temple in Jerusalem was
destroyed by enemies, a 2nd temple was built (before Christ) only to be destroyed by the Roman Empire in 70AD. Now, after almost 2000 years of having no temple, construction of the 3rd Jerusalem Temple is a thriving dialogue amongst the Jews of Israel. Prophetically , this is right
on time with all other End Time prophecies which have divinely lined up together.The Jerusalem Temple Mount will continue to become the world’s hottest location and focal point in the news and world events of these End Times. It is sacred to the 3 religions who desire the legal rights to the MOUNT:Judaism, Islam,and the Roman Catholic Church (Zech 12:1-3)
The coming 3rd Temple…
Bible prophecy is clear that once a 7
year mid-east peace agreement signed by the End Time Antichrist , then the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem will be built within the 1st  3 1/2 years of the Tribulation .
Revelation (11:2 ) clearly speaks of a Temple which is already built by the Mid-7 year point which Revelation pinpoints as being Chapter (13:1)

World reaction to the 3rd Temple:

Without a doubt , the constructing of this 3rd Temple during this first 3 1/2 year period will be a prime cause of the massive bloodshed, terror and death that will occur worldwide at that time.A “Fourth” of the earth will die within months of the  “start” of this 7 year period, partly from war . [Rev.6:4,8].

Abomination of Desolation [Dan.9:27]
Once it is completed , then Antichrist will be the ultimate world leader who will enter into the 3rd Temple at the exact Mid-7 year point of the 7 year Tribulation period. The man of sin ” takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God.”
(2 Thess.2:4; Rev.13:1-18; Dan.
9:27) This act will launch the great tribulation Period!!!!!


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