You left me in the middle of the ocean,
Saying i dont deserve to live in this nation,
You said i cant afford even the daily nation,
Alone i shivered in the cold ocean,

Poor you called me as you left,
I didn’t know to go right or left,
The rich guy together you left,
Pain and tears to me was left,

My strength i summoned across i swam,
To the dry land which was neither warm,
Then i found her whose heart was warm,
With open hands she welcomed me into her arms,

The one who takes me the way i am,
She wakes me for a drink at 8 a.m,
She consoles me whenever sad i am,
Imagine how happy i am!

A philosopher once said this about love,
That we talk softly to the people we love,
Just because their souls and ours are very close in love,
That she does to me everyday in true love,
In contrary when you shouted to
me without love,
Since your heart was all about fame not love,

Thank you my Ex for letting me go,
But am worried you have this ego,
Following me when it ended long ago,
I can’t let you in and i say a big NO!


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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