Rulers of this earth so intelligent are you,
Learned and civilised you say each of you,
Men of wisdom and full of knowledge,
Working very hard your own world to conquer,

Innovations everyday war arsenals you build,
Factories and industries everyday you build,
Poisoning everyday the air that we breath,
Is it worth when diseases everyday we treat?

Civilised we call ourselves fellow men we attack,
We say brotherly love to them instead we attack,
Use dangerous chemical our land we protect,
We poison our land and the ozone we destroy Only because we are rulers of this earth.

Everything is fake GMO they are made,
Everyone is sick from cancer as they say,
Ebola is a menace from man’s mistake,
Medicine they administer which make us sick,
How many will die from the drug experiments!

In space they conquer they landed on the moon,
Millions they use looking for another earth  with a moon,
People are dying from hunger eating once in a moon,
Who will restore this earth with its nature we bond?

We rulers of this earth when will we learn?
Will we ever walk on Nature’s path, take her by
the hand,
Restore the beauty meant to be on Earth, our
dying land?
It will only work when we work hand in hand to safe this beautiful land!



Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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