Call the forefathers call the ancestors,
Call the drummer for a taboo has been broken,
Behold the most astonishing sight,
A sight of a courageous display,
Thirst has driven this baby
To the jaws of death!!
Life or death is the end means!

The water is guarded by the king of the jungle,
Who has scared off all the other animals,
The lion is resting unmoved under the tree!
Life is drying out down the throat of a baby gazelle.

The lion might be hungry but not thirsty,
The gazelle might be full but thirsty,
The gazelle is determined to drink its last,
It has chosen to die on its feet than live on its knees.

All the other  animals might die of thirst too,
They have chosen to die still,
If the lion eats the gazelle,
The rest will drink to their fill, While the lion walks away.

A life sacrificed for others to live on,
Is greater life than living life itself,
Suppose the lion is astonished by the unnatural courage,
Of a helpless baby gazelle allowing it to drink?

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Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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