Radical Vengeance part 1

“Joe,why are you so quiet today?” Martin asked his childhood friend. The two boys had grown together although they were from different families. Joe turned 15 a week ago and Martin is four months away from turning 16. “Am giving up Martin,this life sucks! It stinks!” Joe said as he hoped to  a stone near the edge of the cliff. “What are you talking about Joe? Why give up? We have come from far since our parents were killed Joe.We have survived all this years! Africa is our home! Kenya is our birthplace.We cant ran away from where our umbilical cords are buried! We have to try hard Joe,it will not stay like this forever, one day it gonna end and it will end in our favour” Martin consoled his friend.
    “You don’t get it Martin! There is no hope in this wrecked life! We are broken,crushed to the ground and stumbled on! Don’t you see them? Don’t you see how they get rich everyday? Don’t you get it Martin? They killed our parents! They slaughtered them in our presence! Their
greedy killed our parents! They took our land,they took everything from us Martin! Let’s take our chance! Let’s revenge for our parents.” Joe said tears rolling down his cheeks. “But Joe we can’t join terrorists because of revenge! We will not be different from those who killed our parents.My friend there are many ways of revenging without taking up arms!” Martin explained to his friend Joe who had already made up his mind to join the Alshabaab to revenge for his late parents! To be continued ….

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Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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