Husband protect your wife!


So often we are caught up in a miserable game of tug-of-war between pleasing your wife and your parents and those who are very close to you . These people they forget that when a man marries, he is supposed to transfer his loyalty from his family to his bride. Loving parents and family members gracefully step aside and encourage their son or brother to make his wife a priority over them. Unfortunately, many parents and siblings feel rejected and forgotten. Sisters start demonizing your wife by bringing up all blames on her. She is the reason  they don’t get what they used to get from you. Parents try to make their son feel guilty whenever he tries to be a loyal husband. You can strengthen your marriage or break it depending on which side you choose. Listen up now , When it comes to your wife,just listen to yourself .Always stand ready in defending her from your folks. They may think you are rude because of her but remember Just because they may think you or your wife are rude or disrespectful doesn’t mean you actually are. Their opinions aren’t fact. Draw reasonable boundaries as needed in a respectful manner.Stand up for your wife and protect her from the attacks that come from the people close to you. Let your family and friends know that when it comes to your wife and marriage, there is a line they cannot cross. If you have to take sides then always take your wife’s side.


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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