Peter Kenneth tells IEBC commissioners to quit.


Politician: Peter Kenneth 2013 presidential candidate.

Politician Peter Kenneth yesterday joined many others who have been calling for the IEBC commissioners to quit and pave way for a new commission . Recently we have witnessed Cord coalition led by former prime minister Hon. Raila Odinga protest every Monday calling for the disbandment of the commission . Through his Facebook post Kenneth said it is for the best interest of the common mwananchi that the commissioners to quit ;

“It’s time for you to step down and let the country move forward, how many more people shall die, get injured, businesses destroyed?
There are serious doubts over IEBC’s ability to preside over a free election in this country, without the results being clouded with doubts.It you have not noticed the political debate is no longer about whether you will leave but the mechanics of your exit and how to replace you. Forget the politics; forget the protests-the ultimate truth is your exit is already a foregone conclusion. It is a matter of when not if . He said;
Do the honourable thing. EXIT
Save the government the tear gas and the bullets; save the protesters the energy and tears and the country the pointless drama. Do the honourable thing. EXIT Put country first; The country is Greater.”

Do you think its time?

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