Kisii politician angered by Priscah Namwamba Facebook post.

Upcoming Kisii politician Caleb Simba

photo: Caleb Simba  courtesy Facebook.

An upcoming politician from Kisii did not hide his anger towards Priscah Namwamba the wife of ODM Secretary General Ababu Namwamba over her Facebook post. Sharing the Facebook status of what appeared to be an attack to Cord leader Raila Odinga whom he supports so much . He said that this is the second time she has spoken inappropriately towards the ODM leader. In 2014 she also differed with ODM followers when she said that Raila was very low for hiring Miguna Miguna as his adviser then later differ with him . This comes after Cord followers wanted to know where the man who is their party Secretary General has been during the protests against IEBC . Below is Simba’s statement:


“Priscah Namwamba Wife to ODM SG Ababu Namwamba is swallowing what cannot pass through her Anus.
Young woman Raila Odinga as a person has never come out asking your husband Ababu Namwamba to accompany him or to stop screwing you. What has been happening around the social media is obvious concerns raised by ODM supporters.
Political parties are like football clubs, supporters always express their dissatisfaction in any manner at any point. It’s prudent you understand this clearly.This is the 2nd time you’re opening your dirty mouth on Raila Odinga… It’s either Ababu Namwamba puts it to a stop or we mobilize a social media onslaught against your persona and character for just one day that will leave you in pieces.
RAILA ODINGA IS NOT YOUR age mate young woman.We need your apology now or else we square you out…… We have no respect or mercy to people who abuse BABA….. We love, adore and worship… No apologies.”
The Namwamba’s are yet to reply.


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