Cord plans to hold a ‘million-man march’


Cord Members James Orengo and Muthama talking to press.

Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (Cord) on Monday said it will mobilise up to one million supporters countrywide to join street protests on Thursday should proposed talks on electoral reforms fail to take off.This comes as the Jubilee side said it was ready to reduce its representatives from 11 to seven as proposed by Cord to end the polarising political moment triggered by tension created by Cord’s demands for the removal of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) chairman and the other eight commissioners.
Two foreign diplomats — Robert Godec (US) and Nic Hailey (UK) — were negotiating a middle ground on hardline positions taken by the government and the opposition on the agenda of the proposed talks.
Suna East MP Mohammed Junet, who is a member of the Cord negotiating team, said they were waiting for word from Mr Godec and Mr Hailey on Monday.“We expect the diplomats to achieve something by end of business today,” Mr Junet said. “If they don’t succeed, then we have agreed as a coalition that on Thursday we will mobilise up to one million people to demonstrate to show displeasure with the IEBC.”
Mr Junet said Cord had given the government a proposal with a list of demands that must be met in order to have negotiations that can achieve meaningful reforms in the commission, which he termed as largely “government-leaning and Jubilee-friendly”.


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