Am “frustrated” as secretary general but still has “fire in the belly”.Ababu Namwamba


Photo: Ababu Namwamba

Ababu Namwamba on Tuesday broke months-long silence, saying he was “very frustrated” as secretary general but still has “fire in the belly”. The Budalang’i MP said he overcame many odds to become secretary general, a post he has held for 18 months.Ababu said “all hell broke loose at the kisirani in Kasarani” during party elections for secretary general.
The MP said people were not frustrating him because of allegations he is a Jubilee mole but because they fear change. He said, “A man of my status at the time could not just rise to become a mole. The allegations are silly excuses.” Ababu said he faced opposition because some people fear change. He said he wanted to transform ODM. “I started ODM Reloaded and ODM Fresh later, composed of people ready to give the party fresh impetus,” he said.
Ababu said he also wanted to stop the culture of violence during party nominations. Ababu said the forces against him are still trying to plot his downfall. But he said he is not “worried an inch”. Ababu has missed key Cord events.
He did not comment on the death of businessman Jacob Juma.
He has also skipped the party’s anti-IEBC protests.The absence fuelled speculation about his relationship with Cord leaders.
“Even great generals take time off from war,” he said during a TV interview on Tuesday.Ababu said his life is more balanced and he has matured after taking time off to reflect. “Wine gets better with age,” he said. The ODM MP denied allegations he is a Jubilee mole, saying this conclusion cannot be drawn simply because he sat with government leaders to discuss development.Ababu said he does not want to work in an environment in which he is “merely tolerated”. He said he “shoots from the hip”. “I want to serve in an environment where I am appreciated. There are people who survive on intimidating others,” Ababu said.


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